InFront Management

InFront Management is a wholly owned subsidiary of InFront Events Australia Pty Ltd and services the needs of talented individuals and groups that have a requirement for personal management of their business, opportunities and bookings.

Many talented artists and personalites are brilliant at what they do .... but they don't like or, feel uncomfortable negotiating fees, brand associations or the like. That's where InFront Management steps in and works as a partner with the client to ensure that they stay focused on what they wish to achieve, have their resources and diaries managed and can remain as creative as possible.

If you are a talented artist or personality, you should consider joining the small but growing group of clients at InFront Management where you will always be listened to, and you will be encouraged to take on the relationships that you feel comfortable with (and not just the ones that make money!).

Call us today to arrange a meeting with Scott Ireland to discuss your personal situation on (08) 8362 9844(08) 8362 9844.

"I never planned on becoming a chef "in demand". In my case, I love to cook and talk about food, whether its public demonstrations, catering for vast numbers, developing recipes for articles and cookbooks or, just speaking publicly about ethical issues in relation to the food chain. 

Successful careers are built by surrounding yourself with people who can excel in the areas that you don't do well . 

InFront Management fill these gaps for me; bookings, enquiries, execution of event logistics, itineraries, client liaison ... all the stuff that gets in the way of me swinging pots around and doing what I love best.".

Simon Bryant - InFront Management client